Features & Accounts

Account Features

Get familiar with our account features to help choose the right account for you.

Basic & Premium

Artist Profile

Update your artist profile and add a link back in your social bios to help promote your photography.

Upload Feedback

After our editors make selections of your content for robertharding to represent they will provide hints and tips to improve your uploads.

Live Project Shouts

We get research requests from our customers who are actively working on projects. When this happens, we will inform you, so you can then provide content on demand.

Premium Only

Our Premium Account requires that we are the only agency representing the images or videos you upload to us. You still retain the copyright to your content, and you’re free to share it on your social media and website. The only restriction is that you shouldn’t have the same content represented by another stock agency. This helps us effectively handle your content through our worldwide network of partners.

Custom Shoot Briefs

Our team is available to assist you with your planned photo or video shoots. Just let us know where you’re heading, and we’ll create a customised brief.

Key-word Tagging

We want you to do what you do best, shoot great photography, so leave the key-wording to us.

Channel Distribution

Our Premium Account expands revenue potential by giving your photography access to our 85 global channel partners.

Get Showcased

We’ll promote your artist profile on our social channels and through an e-blast directly to customers.

Footage Uploads

Shooting footage? let us represent it for you, get in touch with our team to find out more.